How to Imprint your Brand in the Minds of Customers with Custom Printed Gift Boxes?

Don’t know which packaging innovations can help imprint your brand in the minds of customers? Your best option is to test out different options. Ask your packaging partner to provide you some sample custom printed gift boxes so that you could test them with a small group of people. Feedback from these tests will tell you how you can improve the presentation and what attracts your customers. An exclusive packaging solution will help you improve brand perception.

In this feature, we will share some key pointers on how you can make your custom made gift boxes stand out.

  1. Print an Intriguing Story

Harness the power of your brand’s personality to draw in both new and existing customers. If your corporate social responsibility touts sustainable business, make sure your gift boxes reflect that. Else, a touching brand story can always come in handy when you want to drive sales by compelling customers. You can use a postcard to tell your story or place a bespoke note inside the packaging to reiterate it to the audience.

  1. Brand your Custom Printed Gift Boxes

Leave a lasting impact on your customers by placing your products in thoughtfully designed custom printed gift boxes. Why bespoke gift boxes? Well, think of your product as a present, and the container as the sparkling wrapping paper. Now, this is something your customers would be really excited to open.

Numerous monthly subscription service providers are using custom made gift boxes to wow their customers. Makeup brands are leading the way in this regard. Every month they send out dazzling boxes that boast varying colors and designs. These eye-catching boxes not only entice customers but also persuade them to collect and reuse the containers.

To make these more unique, some brands even add messaging to surprise their customers as soon as they open it up. While some packaging companies in the US are charging pretty high for printing logos, slogans, and or brand colors, there are some exceptions like The Legacy Printing that are offering pristine custom gift boxes at amazingly low prices. Also, the company is providing free designing, shipping, and other services to cut you a sweet deal.

  1. Successful Position your Product

Judiciously organize and place your products inside the gift boxes printing supplies, so they could appeal to your customers. Mind you, the first thing people want to see when they unwrap a box is the product and not additional layers of packaging materials. To meet their expectations, but the accessories, receipts, instruction manual, and return labels below the product, or in another compartment inside the box.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, follow the footsteps of popular tech companies like Apple and Samsung that are offering an unmatched unboxing experience to their customers. Upon opening the box, the customers instantly get to see their device. And once they pick up the device, user manuals and accessories are revealed. As a result, they are delivering a seamless customer experience.

  1. Give it a Personal Touch

If your brand is aiming to win customers for life, then it’s crucial to establish an emotional connection with your ideal buyers. No matter what you are selling, make the customer feel appreciated. When your customers feel valued, it’ll encourage them to come back for more.

However, it’s up to you how you can make meaningful connections. Try using elements that favor your brand philosophy. For example, you can customize the box and print on it, who packed it. Besides this, you can print creative instructions along with a strong brand voice to elevate the experience.

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